Meals on Wheels of San Francisco Inc.

HDM Driver-Client Relationship Specialist

HDM Driver-Client Relationship Specialist delivers meals throughout San Francisco to homebound seniors on the Meals On Wheels program.

General Information
Location  1375 Fairfax Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94124
United States
Base Pay  $16.55 / Hour
Job Category  Programs
Contact Information
Name  Ron Ayotte, HR Manager

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Under the supervision of Home Delivered Meals Driver Manager, and in accordance with the provisions of MOWSF’s Employee Handbook, the HDM Driver is responsible for:

  • Delivering meals throughout San Francisco to homebound seniors on the Meals On Wheels program.
  • Making sure that the correct number of meals is picked up from the kitchen and that the correct type of meal is delivered to each client.
  • Loading racks and bags of meals into vehicles for delivery.
  • Obeying all traffic laws and maintaining a good DMV record while driving for Meals On Wheels of San Francisco.
  • Representing the agency with our clients and with the community at large in a courteous and respectful manner
  • Observing and reporting to appropriate staff any concerns regarding the well -being of our clients.
  • Completing appropriate paperwork during and after delivery of meals.
  • Collecting client contributions and making out receipts for any cash or checks received.
  • Distributing MOWSF information to the clients.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of vehicles.  Inspects vehicles daily to ensure optimal operating standards.  Reports all vehicle performance or safety issues to the HDM Operations Manager and the HDM Program Manager.
  • Performing other duties as assigned.


In addition to the items listed in the driver job description, candidates for the driver position must be capable of performing the following physical job requirements. Proof of ability will be shown by completing a documented physical checkup previous to hire.

DRIVING: Up to 7 hours a day in city traffic.  The ability to tolerate the vibrations and bumping that are associated with driving a mid-size truck for several hours daily.

SITTING:Up to 7 hours daily.  Drivers will be frequently entering and exiting the vehicle however so the sitting will not be continuous.

LIFTING:The ability to lift up to 50 lbs.  

LOADING: Loading of the vehicles requires the ability to lift 45 lbs up to 20 times during a 10 to 15 minute period as the meals are taken off of carts and racks and placed into the vehicles.  

For the frozen/chilled meal routes, the meal baskets must be placed into the back of the refrigerated vehicles into the racks designed for them. This requires the ability to lift the baskets off of the cart and into the vehicle.  

For hot meal routes, the insulated meal bags which weigh between 35 and 50 LBS must be lifted off of the cart and placed into the back of the vehicle.

Candidates for the driver position will be asked to complete a test showing that they are in fact able to perform the loading of meals into the appropriate vehicles.  

Driving staff will be given training on loading and lifting safely upon hire. Additional in-service trainings will be given on safety during the course of each year.

PUSHING:Pushing the rolling racks and the meal baskets into the racks in the frozen vehicles is the only pushing normally associated with the job. Moving the rolling racks that contain the frozen meals while not requiring a great deal of force must be performed by two staff members.




Valid California Driver License and good driving record.  The driver must demonstrate an ability to work with a diverse client population including low income, disabled and mentally ill clients.  Driver must be able to lift up to 50lbs.